Beryl Dean by June Hill

Beryl Dean by June Hill

An illustrated monograph on the life and work of Beryl Dean MBE, ARCA, FSDC  1911-2001. Artist, designer, author and leading exponent of ecclesiastical embroidery.

Published by the Beryl Dean Education Trust in 2011, to mark the centenary of Beryl Dean’s birth, the book accompanied a major retrospective of her work curated by its author.

Edited by: Thelma Nye & Diana Phillips
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5 of the set of 10 cards
Size: 2A5 & 8 A6

The Beryl Dean Postcards

Set of 10 cards featuring a number of Beryl Dean’s major works.

  • The Jubilee Cope, 1977 [A4 size]
  • The Jubilee Cope (detail), 1977
  • The Hammersmith Cope,  1968 [A4 size]
  • Embroidery in the style of Rebecca Crompton, 1930s
  • Festal Altar Frontal: detail, St Margaret’s, King’s Lynn 1965
  • Red Altar Frontal ‘The Burning Bush‘ (detail) 1969
  • Madonna and Child Banner, Chelmsford Cathedral, 1955
  • Thistles, Embroidery Design, 1970
  • Convolvulus, 1953, Collection of the Embroiderers’ Guild
  • Wild Arums, 1953, Collection of the Embroiderers’ Guild

Printed on Art quality card. 2 A5 8 A6 size

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