St. Peter
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St. Peter

Embroidered gold silk and cotton thread on linen. Made for the Needlework Development Scheme, 1953

Width: 11.5 in, Length: 18.5 in

The Needlework Development Scheme (NDS) was established in 1934 to encourage embroidery and to raise the standard of design in Britain.

Organised by four Scottish art schools, Aberdeen, Dundee, Edinburgh and Glasgow, its collection of foreign and British embroidery was available to domestic science and training colleges, women's institutions and schools, as well as art schools.

Beryl Dean was invited to design and make a number of works for the Scheme

Designed by: Beryl Dean

Made by: Beryl Dean.

Owned by: Collection of the Victoria and Albert Museum

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More info: Collection of Victoria and Albert Museum & Needlework Development Scheme

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